Message of Thanks to AdGuard

I would like to express my gratitude to AdGuard for their generous sponsorship and support of my blocklist maintenance efforts. Their commitment to enhancing online browsing experiences and promoting a safer digital environment is truly commendable.

AdGuard is a leading name in the realm of ad blocking and privacy protection solutions. Their software empowers users with a range of features designed to make the online world more enjoyable and secure.

For more information check out the AdGuard website at:

And yes, the oisd blocklist works great with all of their ad-blocking products. πŸ‘

Important Announcement: Discontinuing hosts/domains -syntax

Starting from January 1, 2024, I will be discontinuing support for HOSTS and DOMAINS syntaxes. (Read: Stop building / providing them.)
I would like to explain why I've made this decision:

First let's look at the domain blocking possibilities:

A) Domains:
B) www.-prefixed domains:
C) Known subdomains:
D) (yet) unknown subdomains:
E) Randomly generated subdomains:

Using HOSTS or DOMAINS syntax, you can block:
A) The domain ( with just one rule.
B) The www.-prefixed domain ( with an additional rule.
C) A known subdomain ( with an added rule per each subdomain.

However, using HOSTS or DOMAINS syntax, it becomes impossible to block:
D) Unknown subdomains (e.g., because they need to be individually listed in advance.
E) Randomly generated subdomains (e.g., as it is not feasible to predict or list all possible variations.

In contrast, by using a syntax like ABP, DNSmasq, Domains (wildcards), or Regex:

A) You can block the main domain ( with just one rule.
B) This same rule will also block the www.-prefixed domain (
C) All known subdomains ( are also be blocked using that same rule.
D) Even for unknown subdomains, they will effectively be blocked with that same rule.
E) Similarly, randomly generated subdomains will also successfully be blocked using that same rule.

With the current approach using HOSTS / Domains syntaxes, I gather all the subdomains available in known blocking lists and include them in the blocklist (filtered to exclude NXDOMAINS and SERVFAILS). While this may seem like a logical step, it also presents a certain level of illogicality and inefficiency.
Effectively, the blocklists using ABP, DNSmasq, Domains (wildcards), Regex -syntaxes are about 4 times smaller than HOSTS / Domains -syntaxes, AND block MORE. This is not something new, and has been known for years.

The following adblocking software will be affected;

- AdAway "No traction"
- Diversion "Seemingly they DO support wildcard blocking?"
- DNS66 "No traction"
- PfBlockerNG (Note that pfBlockerNG does support wildcard blocking, but it's implementation is wack; It won't block subdomains to already listed subdomains, eg should block;,, etc, but it does not.)

- Pi-Hole; make sure you are running the latest version of the software and if you are still using, please update to

The following adblocking software/services are NOT affected;

- AdBlock Plus
- All AdGuard products
- AdNauseam
- AhaDNS
- Blokada
- ControlD
- DNSCloak
- DNSCrypt
- DNSMasq
- DnsWarden
- Nebulo
- NextDNS
- Opera
- PersonalDNSfilter
- Portmaster
- RethinkDNS
- Technitium
- uBlock Origin
- Unbound
- Vivaldi
- YogaDNS

False Positive Report Form Update

The FP form now allows images (read screenshots) to be pasted from the clipboard (ctrl-v) right into the message field. They will be downscaled to fit the message area, no worries, when the report is sent, I will be able to view the fullsize image.

Goodbye Reddit

I've recently decided to leave Reddit. Around 4.5 years ago, I used the platform to make oisd accessible to the public. However, I've chosen a simpler approach now, keeping everything on The latest changes on Reddit also influenced this decision.

You shouldn't find any false positives!
In fact, I dare you to report any ;)

Last list updates πŸ₯―

oisd small 2 hour(s) ago
oisd big 2 hour(s) ago
oisd nsfw 1 hour(s) ago

Wanted: NSFW domains 🫢

Do you know of any NSFW (Shock/Porn/Adult) domains that are not yet blocked by the oisd nsfw list?
Please report them here πŸ™

Why this list ❓

Where most other blocklists go for the "block ads/trackers and when something breaks it's up to the user to figure out what to whitelist"-approach .. This list prioritizes functionality over blocking. ThΓ­s is the list to use at home, at work or at your (grand-)parents place.
Users report it "passes the girlfriend-test" ;) The small list is designed to work for everyone, it might just be the only list you need.
If your adblocker supports the big list, then that's the one ;)

The big list blocks πŸ›‘

Ads, (Mobile) App Ads, Phishing, Malvertising, Malware, Spyware, Ransomware, CryptoJacking, Scam ... Telemetry/Analytics/Tracking (Where not needed for proper functionality)

Does not interfere with βœ…

Torrent, Warez, Porn, Crypto Exchanges, News Satire, Slickdeals (or shopping sites in general), Google (shopping), Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Link Shortners, Affiliate/Tracking Links, Gambling, Surveys, etc.

The NSFW list blocks πŸ”ž

Shock / Porn / Adult