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Welcome to the oisd blocklist official website

Why this list?

Where other blocklists seem to go for the "block all ads/trackers and when something breaks it's up to the user to figure out what to whitelist"-approach ...

This list prioritizes functionality over blocking.

Thís is the list to use at work, at home or at your (grand-)parents place.
Users report it "passes the girlfriend-test" ;)

blokada Blokada 5 uses oisd (dblw basic) as their default blocklist. (Since v5.9)
BraveDNS RethinkDNS (app) uses oisd (dbl full) as their default blocklist. (Since v053c)

Adhole AdHole uses oisd (abp full) as their blocklist.
AHAdns AhaDNS uses oisd (dbl full) as their blocklist.
DNSku DNSku uses oisd (dbl full) as their blocklist.

.. and many users report oisd as "the list" to be used with Pi-hole, Adguard, NextDNS, etc.

oisd domain blocklist

The basic list is designed to work for everyone, it might júst be the only list you need.
If your adblocker supports the full list, then thát's the one ;)

You won't find any false positives. Or prove me wrong; I dare you to report any ;)

The Full list blocks:

Ads, (Mobile) App Ads, Phishing, Malvertising, Malware, Spyware, Ransomware, CryptoJacking, Scam
... Telemetry/Analytics/Tracking (Where not needed for proper functionality)

Does not interfere with:

Torrent, Warez, Porn, Crypto Exchanges, News Satire, Gambling, Slickdeals (or shopping sites in general), Google (shopping), Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Link Shortners, Affiliate/Tracking Links, Gambling, Surveys, etc.