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report false positive

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Post a comment over here on Reddit, or even better, use the form below:

-- False positive report server temporary offline. Form hidden. --
Enter the domain that should be removed from oisd:
- In case of a blocked CNAME, please use the domain that's blocked initially.

Reason(s)/motivation(s) for removal:
- What/where does it break?
- Steps to reproduce
- Provide link(s) where possible

E-mail address (Optional)
- If you want to receive removal confirmation
- If more information is needed regarding the report

What happens after you've reported false positives?

I do a couple of things:

1a) Try it myself.
I want to see it with my own eye's where possible. (There are cases where reports are just plain wrong)

1b) Ask a friend.
If I cannot test it (maybe because it's on a device I do not own), I ask a friend that can, and go from there.

2) Google.
The chances of you reporting a false positive which is not already being known elsewhere is minimal (but not impossible). A web search more often than not provides valuable information.

3) Logic.
In which included blocklists is the reported domain is listed? Maybe these are less known / old / outdated .. lists? Are there multiple reports for thise domain? Has the user previously reported? How reliable were those reports? Etc..

4) Contact you.
If you've filled in your email address, I will contact you, tell you what I've tried and why I'm not satisfied, maybe you can provide more info, which will get the domain(s) removed. Or maybe not.

If none of the above provide me with a decent answer the domain is not leaving the list.