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There are several ways you can start using this blocklist

Using a network based DNS blocker
Adguard Home (free) [homepage]
DNS Blocklists
Click "Add blocklist"
Click "Add a custom list"
Where it says: "Enter name" enter: "oisd full" (without quotes)
Where it says: "Enter a URL or an absolute path of the list" enter: "https://abp.oisd.nl" (without quotes)
Click "Save"
Pi-hole (free) [homepage]
Where it says: "Add a new adlist" in the input field under "Address" enter "https://dbl.oisd.nl" (without quotes)
Click "Add"

Using a mobile adblocker
AdGuard (paid, Android) [homepage]
DNS Filtering
DNS requests blocking
Where it says "URL or Path" enter "https://abp.oisd.nl/basic/" (without quotes)
Where it says "Enter DNS Filter Name" enter "oisd basic" (without quotes)
AdGuard (Pro and non-Pro) (paid, iOS) [homepage]
Settings ("Cog"-icon in the bottom) (Might need a second tap to actually go to settings page)
Enable "Advanced mode"
Go back to settings ("Cog"-icon in the bottom)
DNS Protection
Enable (if not already enabled)
Toggle OFF to ON
Tap OK then Allow to install a local VPN profile
DNS Filtering
DNS Filters
Add a filter
Enter filter URL: "https://abp.oisd.nl/basic/" (without quotes)
AdAway (free, Android) [homepage]
Tap the middle block where it says "# up-to-date sources"
Tap the plus sign in the bottom right
Where it says "Label" enter: "oisd basic" (without quotes)
Where it says "Location" enter: "https://hosts.oisd.nl/basic/" (without quotes)
Tap the checkmark in the top right
Tap "Apply" in the bottom right
DNS66 (free, Android) [homepage]
Tap on "HOSTS"
Tap the plus sign in the bottom right
Where it says "Title" enter: "oisd basic" (without quotes)
Where it says "Location" enter: "https://dbl.oisd.nl/basic/" (without quotes)
Tap the checkmark in the top right
Blokada 4 and 5 (also Slim) (Not Blokada 6)(free, Android) [homepage]
Enabled by default :)

Using a browser (add-on) adblocker
uBlock Origin (free, firefox/chrome/edge/opera) [homepage]
NOTE: oisd is domain blocklist, not a content-filter-list. It is therefore NOT a replacement for the default filters of uBlock, so leave those enabled!

Left-click the uBlock Origin icon in your browser
Click the "Cogs"-icon (opens the dashboard)
On "Filterlists"-page, scroll down and tick the box where it says: "Import"
Where it says; "One URL per line. Invalid URLs will be silently ignored.", type: "https://abp.oisd.nl/" (without quotes)
In the top click on "Apply Changes".
AdGuard Browser Extension (free, chrome/firefox/safari/edge/opera/yandex) [homepage]
Find the Adguard Browser Extension icon in your browser, and click it
Click the Cog-icon in the top right (Adguard Settings)
On the left, click "Filters"
At the bottom, click "Custom"
Click "Add custom filter"
Where it says "Enter URL or file path" enter: "https://abp.oisd.nl/" (without quotes)
Click "Next"
Click "Subscribe"

Using an online service
NextDNS [homepage]
Open your configuration screen ( https://my.nextdns.io )
Click tab "Privacy"
Under "Blocklists" click the button "ADD A BLOCKLIST"
Scroll till you find "oisd" and click on "ADD" to the right of it
Adguard DNS [homepage]
Go to Server Settings > Blocklists
Click "Manage Blocklists"
Check the box in front of "OISD Blocklist Full"
ControlD [homepage]
Legacy IPv4 Legacy IPv6 DNS-over-HTTPS + DNS-over-TLS

How to setup?

Go to https://kb.controld.com/en/tutorials
Note: Where you are told to input IPv4, IPv6 or DoH/DoT info, use the info above instead.

Paid users enable oisd here:

Go to Filters (https://controld.com/control-panel/filters)
Click "3rd Party Filters"
Enable "OISD – Full"
AhaDNS [homepage]
Setup guide here

Missing anything? Let me know.