Which one do I need?

- Find the icon that matches your adblocking software
- Choose which one you want (basic or full)
Quick FAQ: What is the difference between the full and basic lists?
- Click 📋 (This copies the URL to your clipboard)
- Paste in your adblocker's config where new blocklists are added

Contrary to it's name, FULL does NOT include NSFW
The NSFW list can be used as stand-alone, or alongside basic or full

* FULL list might be too big for your adblocker and could cause problems. Use at your own risk!
That said: It's known to work flawlessly in Pi-hole and AdGuard Home

** NSFW (Big) list. Probably the most extensive NSFW list on the web :)

I've been told oisd has an extra list, where is it?

These files are also available on github
adguard adguardhome ublockorigin adblockplus adnauseam adblock opera vivaldi basic📋 💾1.2 MB2023-01-28T14:08:53+0000
Adblock Plus Filter Listfull*📋 💾6.3 MB2023-01-28T17:22:02+0000
nsfw📋 💾4.0 MB2023-01-28T22:12:21+0000
nsfw (big)**📋 💾6.1 MB2023-01-28T22:12:05+0000

pihole diversion pfblockerNG personalblocklist personaldnsfilter basic📋 💾1.2 MB2023-01-28T14:08:48+0000
Domainsfull*📋 💾20.0 MB2023-01-28T17:21:45+0000
nsfw📋 💾7.7 MB2023-01-28T22:12:11+0000

dnscrypt yogadns basic📋 💾1.2 MB2023-01-28T14:08:53+0000
Domains (wildcards)full*📋 💾6.0 MB2023-01-28T17:22:03+0000
nsfw📋 💾3.8 MB2023-01-28T22:12:22+0000
nsfw (big)**📋 💾5.8 MB2023-01-28T22:12:06+0000

adaway umatrix dns66 gasmask hostsfileeditor basic📋 💾1.7 MB2023-01-28T14:08:48+0000
Hostsfull*📋 💾26.9 MB2023-01-28T17:21:48+0000
nsfw📋 💾11.0 MB2023-01-28T22:12:13+0000

dnsmasq basic📋 💾1.6 MB2023-01-28T14:08:53+0000
below ver 2.86
full*📋 💾8.0 MB2023-01-28T17:21:59+0000
nsfw📋 💾5.2 MB2023-01-28T22:12:20+0000
nsfw (big)**📋 💾7.8 MB2023-01-28T22:12:02+0000

dnsmasq basic📋 💾1.5 MB2023-01-28T14:08:53+0000
ver 2.86 and above
full*📋 💾7.7 MB2023-01-28T17:22:00+0000
nsfw📋 💾5.0 MB2023-01-28T22:12:20+0000
nsfw (big)**📋 💾7.5 MB2023-01-28T22:12:03+0000

bind basic📋 💾3.2 MB2023-01-28T14:08:54+0000
Response Policy Zonefull*📋 💾15.9 MB2023-01-28T17:22:04+0000
nsfw📋 💾10.4 MB2023-01-28T22:12:22+0000
nsfw (big)**📋 💾15.6 MB2023-01-28T22:12:07+0000

unbound basic📋 💾2.7 MB2023-01-28T14:08:54+0000
Unboundfull*📋 💾13.0 MB2023-01-28T17:22:06+0000
nsfw📋 💾8.8 MB2023-01-28T22:12:23+0000
nsfw (big)**📋 💾12.9 MB2023-01-28T22:12:09+0000